Storytelling is about worlds. And today, the concept of a "world" increasingly transcends what is presented in any single book, or any single film, or any single game. Now, a fictional world is often a multi-media alternate reality: another place and time that a reader can step into, and in so doing, take a vacation from this one. And if I'm doing my job correctly, that's what you'll experience as you visit the worlds you can access through the "gateways" on this site..

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Recent News and Upcoming Appearances

Fire with Fire: Contact & Convocation, the first book in the
Tales Of The Terran Republic, was released April, 2013.   Fire with Fire was a Nebula Awards finalist and
      is a Compton Crook Awards winner.       more

Radio interview on Fire With Fire with Mark Edge of Free Talk Live Radio, available for listening here: https://soundcloud.com/freetalklive/edgington-post-charles-gannon

Trial by Fire, the next book in the Tales Of The Terran Republic,
is scheduled to be released in August of 2014. It was launched at Forbidden Planet's London Flagship Store on 18 August, during LonCon3, 2014 World Science Fiction Convention.   more

1636: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies was released in June 2014. Eddie Cantrell, now married to the king of Denmark’s daughter, is sent by Admiral Simpson to the Caribbean to secure access to the most valuable commodity on that continent—not the gold and silver which the Spanish treasure, but the oil which up‑time machines and industry need.     more

Aethers of Mars was released in May 2014.
It is 1903 and Cecil Rhodes is the most powerful man in the solar system. He controls a growing fleet of airships and aetherships, all designed after the first few that he used to wipe out the Boers to a Man, and sink three of her Majesty’s ships when they refused “the lawful orders” of the Black Parliament. With new colonies on Mars and Venus, patrolled by the Mourning-liveried Blackcoats , the vengeful hand of the Empire has become hard in the wake of Victoria’s assassination. Those same hard hands squeeze labor, royalists, and the Irish relentlessly, searching for the moral softness of decaying loyalty, of treasonous rot.    more

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Charles E. Gannon's scheduled appearances for 2014:




World Fantasy

6-9 November 2014

Washington DC


14-16 November 2014

Lombard, IL