Storytelling is about worlds. And today, the concept of a "world" increasingly transcends what is presented in any single book, or any single film, or any single game. Now, a fictional world is often a multi-media alternate reality: another place and time that a reader can step into, and in so doing, take a vacation from this one. And if I'm doing my job correctly, that's what you'll experience as you visit the worlds you can access through the "gateways" on this site..

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Recent News and Upcoming Appearances

Fire with Fire: Contact & Convocation has been released as of April, 2013.
Fire with Fire is a Nebula Awards finalist and
      a Compton Crook Awards finalist.       more

Download the flyer!

Radio interview on Fire With Fire with Mark Edge of Free Talk Live Radio, available for listening here: https://soundcloud.com/freetalklive/edgington-post-charles-gannon

Beginnings: Worlds of Honor 6 has been released as of July, 2013.

This sixth volume in the popular Worlds of Honor series includes stories by 1635: Papal Stakes coauthor and best seller Charles E. Gannon, New York Times bestseller and Star Wars phenomenon, Timothy Zahn and Joelle Presby. more

Coming in 2014: Steam, Aether, Empire;
       1636: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies; more

Charles E. Gannon's scheduled appearances for 2014:




Awesome Con (DC)

18-20 April 2014

Washington DC


9-11 May 2014

Columbus, OH

Nebula Awards Weekend

15-18 May 2014

San Jose, CA

What's on this Site and Why it's Here

This site is not about me, nor even primarily about my writing: it is about the worlds I craft for readers, viewers, gamers to visit. If you want to find out detailed information about me, or about my upcoming appearances, or about my work in other fields, you can visit those pages or look me up on Facebook,
or you can Follow cegannon1 on Twitter.

But the majority of pages on this site are about my worlds. The hotlinks at the top of this page work as gateways so you can enter and wander through those worlds whenever you like.

Working in various media and in many different genres has brought me to the conclusion that the dominant future of storytelling is in worlds. Single books, films, games rarely have the immersive power of series (particularly multi-media series) that build a fully realized and immersive universe, the kind where we can "check ourselves at the door" and enter it as if we were stepping through a gateway into another time and place.

Highly realistic imaginary worlds also offer themselves to us not merely as experiential playgrounds, but also as mental testing-grounds. We need places to try out new ideas, new societies, new approaches to technology, government, relationships, cultures. But of course these thought experiments—the Germans have a special word for them: gedankenexperimenten—must also be fun, or no one is going to want to visit the lab.

And what could be more fun than conducting this "serious play" in the laboratory of our own imagination?